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11:34pm 25-09-2011
मेरे दिल के किसी कोने में एक मासूम सा बच्चा ,बड़ों की देख कर दुनिया बड़ा होने से डरता है
11:32pm 24-09-2011
surbhi jain
The height of candle may differ,but they yield
the same brightness.
Its not the matter of ur position,but its ur ability
that actually shines..............
11:08pm 22-09-2011
Ajay Singhal
Yes Naren... Same like last year .. This year we will not circulate pampelates in newspapers instead we will circulate Say no to cracker leaflets with an oath to all schools/colleges. Essay competition to spread awareness, hoardings, rally of school going children. Now we too have 123 children in our project udaan. Hope your awareness campaign is continue. Your continuity is amazing guys. Keep it up. Now a days also converting a dump into park . many groups are working with us. We have targetted those groups who needs something to show, And now more than twenty groups are working with us as our partner. We execute small projects to make our city a better place to live and took the help of these groups. Everyone is happy now as they all have work.
Our project Udaan is now have 123 children and soon we will start one more evening school to rag pickers. Please join us on face book or visit our gallery on website.
12:42am 21-09-2011

HI, Is there any thing special happenings by Crazy Green for this diwali...?

11:38pm 11-09-2011
अब से सिर्फ पचास साल पहले तक दिवाली पर पटाखे छुटाने की परंपरा नहीं थी | लेकिन पचास सालो में हमने इतने पटाखे छुटाए की अब धरती का सब्र टूट रहा है | राम के वनवास से आने पर सबने दिए जलाए थे न की पटाखे छुटाए थे | आओ अपने धर्म को पुन्ह जीवित करने के लिए, उसे सबके कल्याण का धर्म बनाने के लिए इस साल से पटाखे न छुटाने का प्रण ले | इसे अपने प्रोफाइल पर लगाए शायद ये कुछ लोगो को पटाखे छुटाने से रोक सके
9:30pm 08-09-2011
Write a goal every single month to eliminate a mess from your life, and when you do - abundance will come in. ~Raymond Aaron
9:36pm 03-09-2011
अगर किसी को कुछ देना है तो उसे अच्छा वक़्त दो ,
क्योंकि आप हर चीज़ वापिस ले सकते हो
मगर किसी को दिया हुआ अच्छा वक़्त वापिस नहीं ले सकते
10:17pm 30-08-2011
Check Gallery of
All pictures are uploaded now
2:21pm 21-08-2011
If you want to achieve steadiness of mind, you should remain engaged constantly in your moment-to-moment duties with attention. The discipline this attention brings makes opposing desires, thoughts and feelings powerless to affect your mind. ~
Bhagavad Gita, 18.45
9:15pm 18-08-2011
Dear All Friends,

Panchtatva Crazygreen is organizing a cultural event " HAUSALA" by Udaan kids* . You all are invited on 20th Aug 2011 at 4.00 pm at ROTARY BHAWAN, NEAR JANMANCH, SAHARANPUR.


Panchtatva Crazygreen
11:01pm 12-08-2011
senior citizen
किसी कारणवश पदयात्रा कार्यक्रम की तिथि 15.08.11 से बढा कर 17.08.11 कर दी गई है. इसके लिए हमें दिल से खेद है. पदयात्रा सुबह १०.३० बजे से आरम्भ होगी! हमें आशा ही नहीं अपितु पूर्ण विश्वास है की आप सब हमें पहले की भांति ही अपना पूरा सहयोग व् स्नेह देंगे..
7:50am 08-08-2011
nilesh gupta
“Kindness, a language deaf people can hear and blind can see.” - Anonymous
12:53pm 31-07-2011
Last year crazy green worked with seven groups of city to stop the cracker and start a movement in the city to say no to crackers. We did a school competition, relly, hoardings in the city, leaflets in news papers and a memorundom to city administration to stop use of crackers. This year we are working with many new groups so we will do this movement with a big bang. Please join us and Make this diwali a festival of light not a festival of bombs, poisnous gases, noise and pollution. Lets take responsibility to save our festivals and our environment
9:42pm 24-07-2011
“Your work is to discover your work and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it.”....
8:44am 23-07-2011
We got two machines from Bharat Vikas Parishad.. Thanks
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